Pseudo News: Iron Chef Japan Returns to TV

Yesterday, we received an email through our website messaging system. I wasn’t going to post it, but the sender referred to us as “ninjas” in the opening of the email. This leads me to believe he is some poor intern who is paid minimum wage and forced to sift through the vast tubes of the internet (serious business) to find websites and blogs that pertain to whatever he’s been told to market. This dude took the time to read our FAQ and sent us an email with the appropriate heading as “Ninjas” so, Orli, this post is for you: Iron Chef Japan returns to TV!

Unfortunately Iron Chef Japan is only returning to television as RERUNS, so this is being flagged as “Pseudo News”.

Date: April 22, 2008 8:39:13 PM EDT
Subject: [Amateurs with Knives] Contact from Orli Ninjamaster (surname changed – a ninja’s identity must not be revealed)
Reply-To: (deleted)

You are being contacted via Amateurs with Knives by Orli Ninjamaster. Orli Ninjamaster has provided the following information so you may contact them:

Email: (deleted)
Website: http://
Reason: Other (explain below)

Hi ninjas,

You guys seem like the types to get really excited about the following information:
Iron Chef Japan is returning to TV!

Was I right? If so, read on. If not, delete.

So…. Iron Chef Japan is finally coming back! It’ll air every weeknight at 11pm on Fine Living Network, starting May 5th. For more info, check out the Iron Chef Japan website here: Fine Living Network

And lots of fun videos, all of them embeddable, here: Fine Living Network’s Page on You Tube

Feel free to share with all your readers, and let me know if you have any questions or feedback.

Orli Ninjamaster
360i on behalf of Fine Living Network

I love Iron Chef Japan. It’s ten times better than the American version — whether it’s because it’s so much more dramatic, or because it’s the original, or because Chairman Kaga is so badass, who can say.


Maybe it’s all of the above. If anything, I like watching the American version because the producers have the American Chairman doing all sorts of goofy things – and sometimes they add sound effects. I swear, that dude gets more comical with every episode.

At any rate, if you’re a fan, tune in to Fine Living Network starting May 5 or, at the very least, set your DVR to record.

Allez! Cuisine!

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