Top Chef Catch-Up: Triple Threat Quickfire!

Editor’s Note: Due to MM being on vacation and a complete slacker, the AwK contributors fell behind on giving you the Top Chef update. To make up for it, MM and CC have produced a Triple Threat Quickfire, where they each spout off three pertinent items you should know about each episode. Enjoy.

The Elements:

The Quickfire: Chefs are blindfolded and asked to do a taste test, but this time with a slight twist – they are to identify the higher quality ingredient. Winner: Antonia

The Elimination Challenge: Another group challenge. Chefs are paired off and given an “element” (earth, air, fire, water) and asked to create a dish that reflects the element. Winner: Lisa

Citizen Chef:

  1. I thought it was an interesting twist to make the blind taste test for quality of ingredients rather than the usual identification of them.
  2. Air = birds?? Pretty lame.
  3. Who called it? Citizen Chef called it. RIP Zoi.

Miss Macchiato:

  1. I loved the premise of this Quickfire Challenge: All chefs are blind folded and asked to identify the higher quality two ingredients tasted. A lot of chefs struggled through that one. Congratulations to Antonia, who I can’t stand at all.
  2. Once again, we’re watching an episode where Zoi can’t properly season her food. First it was that stupid salad, now it’s this dish.
  3. Every time the chefs are given a buzz word/inspiration word and are asked to make a dish about the word, Antonia can’t do it. She has a dish in her head and tries to pigeon-hole it to make it work for the dish. She did the same thing with the Movie Night episode, and it was a failure. I do admit Antonia is a somewhat-strong contender for the season, but the fact that she has very little imagination bothers me — chefs who do not have good imaginations are not top chefs!


The Quickfire: Each chef chose a beer, then created a dish that went with the beer. Congratulations: Jennifer

The Elimination Challenge: The chefs head out to Soldier Field for a tailgating party. After some pretty cool cameos, they head back to the Top Chef kitchen for judgment. Congratulations: Dale

Citizen Chef:

  1. At first I thought Lisa was getting a bad rap but as the season goes on, is there ANYTHING she doesn’t complain about?


  2. I thought the top 3 contestants in the Quickfire had great dishes, but at the risk of sounding like Spike, don’t piss off the lesbian!
  3. If you are going to use sausage, you HAVE to make it yourself. I am shocked that Brian went home instead of Nikki. Oh and to answer Andrew’s question, the last time the Chicago Bears won the Superbowl was in the Cretaceous Period.

    Bears Dinosaur

Miss Macchiato:

  1. Beer? Why aren’t we seeing more fine dining this season? In the beginning of the season, the pizza and wings thing was fun. Now it’s monotonous, repetitive and becoming a little frustrating. Where’s the duck confit? Even Hell’s Kitchen has had duck confit already.
  2. What’s up with Tom Colicchio wearing a little hat and scarf with his jersey? Did Ted Allen dress him up? Out in that neck of the woods, people who dress like that get shoved in a locker and their lunch money stolen. And wait – does he also have his umbrella in a plastic bag? Is that so it doesn’t get wet? It’s an umbrella!

    Top Chef Judges Tailgate with the Bears

  3. There was a lot of bad food served at that, but what stood out the most, even over Ryan’s high-end food, was Nikki. Nikki ran out of a lot of her food before the judges arrived. I thought that was even worse than Ryan’s error, but then again, I wasn’t there to taste it.


The Quickfire: Chefs have to make a dessert. O nos! Winner: Richard

The Elimination Challenge: The chefs are treated to a night out at The Second City, a famous improv. comedy troupe. As it goes in the Top Chef kitchen, the chefs soon found themselves facing their next challenge, as audience members tossed out words that would dictate the dishes the chefs were going to have to cook. Congratulations: Richard and Dale

Citizen Chef:

  1. STOP WHINING ABOUT MAKING DESSERTS YOU WUSSES!!!! Every year we have to hear: “I’m not a pastry chef… pastry is haaard… you have to measure and everything…” I will grant that desserts are a slightly different skill set than regular cooking, but we are a long way from “throwing in a bit of this and that” cooking here. Both savory and sweet dishes take care and expertise to accomplish. If you do not possess that, move over to Hell’s Kitchen. That is all.

    Souffle plus Kitchen equals Rocket Science

  2. Can anyone beat my boy Richard? Answer: NEWP.
  3. How do you not do a great dish with orange, asparagus and turned on?? I think if Stephanie and Jennifer would have kissed at the end of their presentation, Lisa would be going home. Also, never underestimate the power of a good butternut squash soup.
  4. Line of the season so far: “No problem man, I’m not Polish!”

Miss Macchiato:

  1. I love the dessert challenges. In this one, Richard really shined with an innovative and thoughtful dish. I have to admit, I’m a fan.
  2. Antonia continues to annoy me. Whenever we have a goofy thematic challenge (the Movie Night challenge, the Elements challenge), she can’t conceptualize a dish that pertains to a theme that is given to her. Instead she seems to make what she wants, and then tries to force it to somehow fit the theme, and that never works. I know she’s won a few things and is a strong contender to win, but it’s clear that even K-Fed #1 has more talent.
  3. An episode where the K-Feds get together in chefly harmony to cook. It’s like watching a sitcom of lovebird speed-freak chefs. All that team was missing was the courtesy reacharound.

Stay tuned for later on today when we finally catch up and review this week’s episode of Top Chef!

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