Top Chef Episode 11: Bourdain Speaks

On his blog, one of AwK’s favorite celebrity chefs, Anthony Bourdain, speaks out about what happened on Top Chef Episode 11. Personally, I’ve taken all Top Chef blogging sites out of my Reader (I find them really annoying and not very entertaining overall) so I don’t know what’s being said on the blogs and what isn’t, but what he had to say about them didn’t surprise me too much.

His candor about judging the episode, Restaurant Wars, is refreshing and made me happy that the AwK team was able to gather why decisions were made that night at the Judges’ Table:

Dale’s Butterscotch Scallops were supremely bad. Jaw droppingly bad. So bad that there was a long, awkward moment at the table when all the judges just sat there, silent, stunned with disbelief that anyone–especially Dale–could serve something so…disgusting. It’s the only time on Top Chef that I literally could not take another bite.

Dale was in deep, deep trouble from the judges’ first mouthful of this luminously wretched gunk.

Surprisingly, Bourdain actually thinks Dale is a good solid chef, one who he would actually hire to work in his restaurant. His maturity and skills as an Executive Chef are obviously another matter.

Another (pleasant) surprise is where he states clearly that the Bravo producers do not sway the ruling at Judges’ Table — apparently it would not be wise to tell Chef Colicchio to send someone home for reasons other than their dish. That’s enough to win even more respect for the show.

And in a couple of small, delicious bits, he refers to Spike’s “strategy” during the competition.

Spike, on the other hand, can look forward to a long career.

In politics. He’s perfect for it.

Suck it, Spike.

If you’re a fan of the show, head on over to Tony Bourdain’s blog on the Travel Channel website and take a read.

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