MoM August 2008: Tastes of Italia

August is here and we’re kicking off another Magazine of the Month adventure with Tastes of Italia!

And yes, that thing of beauty on the cover is Pizza with Gorzonzola, Sundried Tomatoes and Walnuts and we will be making it!

Our previous magazines all had websites where their recipes were published, however ToI does not, so be sure to run out to your local grocery store or bookstore and pick up a copy. The reason we went for this magazine is because there are a ton of amazing and diverse Italian recipes in here, and because Citizen Chef is a slacker and didn’t propose any magazines to review. So this month it’s my choice!

If you need more motivation, here’s a teaser of what we’ll be working on next week:

Photo courtesy of Tastes of Italia Magazine

We’ll be reviewing a variety of recipes including this Chocolate Almond Gelato you see above, and we’ll also be exploring risotto! For you vegetarians out there, you’re in luck as this mag usually has a lot of delicious and fun dishes that will suit you. Run out and pick up a copy this weekend!

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