What We’re Watching

There’s a lot of great food TV happening right now, and I wanted to make sure I point out three of the big ones that we’ve been tuning into (or are about to).

Chef Jeff Project on Food Network, Sunday nights

It’s not your typical reality show. Award winning chef, best selling author and ex-offender Jeff Henderson takes in six street-wise young adults and gives them a second chance in life. Knowing what a struggle it is to get away from the crime and drama of street life, Chef Jeff mentors these young people in his restaurant business, Posh Urban Cuisine, and they all get a chance to win a Culinary Art Institute scholarship from the Food Network. Their final exam airs this coming Sunday. If you haven’t watched the (short) season thus far, it’s worth it to catch some reruns.

Iron Chef Japan: It’s Alive! Week – every night on Fine Living Network

Orli Ninjamaster reports: This week on Iron Chef Japan reruns is the fourth of five stunt weeks! The Iron Chefs and their challengers grapple with some rather squirmy delicacies. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart — each episode’s secret ingredient starts out very much alive, and ends, well, very much not.

Thanks for the tip, Orli!

Also good to note for us die-hard Iron Chef Japan fans, on the Fine Living Network website, there’s a poll currently running to see who your favorite Iron Chef Japan is. As of right now, Chef Sakai is winning. (Of course he is, the guy is a badass.) Head over to the FLN site and take their poll!

Any man who can feel confident in hot pink silk pajamas is not to be trifled with… or he’s just really good with a knife and you shouldn’t laugh within earshot.

Top Chef Season 5 – Wednesdays on Bravo

The new Top Chef season starts this week on Bravo TV. Once again, Citizen Chef and I will attempt to review the episodes. So tune in to Bravo and tune into AwK for more hilarity. If you want to take a look at the new cast for the season, go to the Bravo website and check it out.

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