MoM December 2008: Cook’s Illustrated Holiday Baking

We fell off the Magazine of the Month wagon for a bit, but we’re back and we’ve got our choice: Cook’s Illustrated Holiday Baking publication for 2008.

I love Cook’s Illustrated. Recently, I fell in love with the format of their magazines and have purchased a subscription. Every listing isn’t simply a recipe, they include helpful tips and pictures, as well as techniques that help you improve in your overall cooking ability. Showing photographs of the recipes as we go through them is actually almost redundant, because the magazine takes all of the guesswork out.

In case you’re hesitant about picking up a baking magazine because it isn’t your forte, forget about it – there are also other things in there besides desserts, such as French Onion and Bacon Tart and Breakfast Strata in three versions. There’s also some easy desserts that look difficult but are pretty spectacular, such as the Ultimate Turtle Brownies, made with a dense, fudge base that is mixed with homemade caramel. Oh, and did I mention the brownies also contain chocolate chips and chopped pecans?

We won’t be posting the recipes for MoM going forward, so pick up a copy and get ready. If there are any particular recipes you want to go through, just post below!

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