MoM Feb ’09: Food & Wine Magazine

So I really wanted to get the Magazine of the Month back on track however, by the end of December, I had a really hard time finding a good magazine to feature. Contributing to this was the fact that I had been all shopped out after the holiday, so the thought of getting out to the bookstore to sift through magazines didn’t thrill me. My local grocery store didn’t have much of a selection to offer… either that or it was just that nothing really moved me.

Then, the February 2009 Food & Wine arrived in the mail. The heavens opened, the choir of angels sang…

Food & Wine February 2009

…or maybe I was just hungry. Either way, we’re now half way through January and we haven’t started a new Magazine of the Month, so I’m not going to bother trying to cram something in for the rest of January. Instead, we’re getting the jump on February.

This month’s Food & Wine is featuring sparkling red wines (Lambrusco… yum), a section of delicious milk chocolate desserts, some tempting Indian dishes, and some simple chicken dishes. I’ve already made three things out of the magazine, including a really rich and delicious chocolate pots de creme. So go out and pick up a copy of Food & Wine, and let’s begin!

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