What We’re Watching: Last Restaurant Standing

For all you food reality show lovers out there, BBC America is back with Raymond Blanc and his incredibly picky “inspectors” for a second season of Last Restaurant Standing.

Last Restaurant Standing

Nine couples are chosen and handed keys to a vacant restaurant space and given the seed money to start their restaurant. Each couple chooses their own restaurant’s concept, menu and decor — then try to run an actual restaurant, front to back. Raymond Blanc’s inspectors show up and evaluate the entire package of the restaurant, and they sit down with Blanc to determine who gets to carry on, and whose restaurant shuts down. In the end, one couple gets to open a restaurant with world renown chef Raymond Blanc.

That last sentence really shouldn’t be ended with a period. It should have at least eighty exclamation marks.

I’m in love with this show — it is a must see. The show runs on Tuesday nights, typically for one hour. The first show was longer. If you missed out on the first episode, BBC America is replaying it periodically – just check the website for details.

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