MoM Feb 2009: Best of America’s Test Kitchen

Behold, the Amateurs with Knives selection for the Magazine of the Month:

Best of America's Test Kitchen

Ooh, la la. America’s Test Kitchen, you’re looking so fine.

We’ve spoken before about our love of the Cook’s Illustrated empire and their dedication to helping the masses cook good food well. Not only are they concerned with teaching you good techniques, their Test Kitchen makes a recipe a hundred different ways before they come up with the best one. This particular feature is their “Best Of”, choosing a selection of their favorite recipes that were published out of every magazine they released in the last year. With 72 recipes and a great price of $7.95, AwK is declaring this publication a must have. Also, keep in mind that Cook’s Illustrated does not have their recipes on the web unless you are a paid subscriber, so picking this little booklet up is well worth it. Every cook will be using these recipes for years to come. You can also pick up the hardcover version if you want, but let’s face it — CC and I are cheap, so we’re recommending this smaller, less expensive version.

The magazine is broken up into mini categories and starts with appetizers and goes straight through to desserts. Each protein that’s common to the home cook gets a look at, with recipes dedicated to each one: Pork, beef, chicken, and fish. Within each protein, each recipe selected is vastly different from the other, so you can try out a wide range and break out of your cooking comfort zone.

I’ve already taken a little more than a half dozen of these recipes into the kitchen and I’ll tell you what’s really struck me this time out: Textures. So far I have fried, baked, and broiled, and everything I have come out with has had the most amazing texture. Breading isn’t soggy with oil and steak really does come out better than on the grill (I love those crisp edges).

The publication is on the stand until April 27, so head out and pick up a copy before it’s gone. We’ll be featuring the magazine all through the month of February, but keep in mind that to honor the publication, we won’t be posting the recipes… We’ll just be tempting you with our photos as we travel through the publication.

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