Top Chef Season 5, Final Episode Part 1: The Final Four Become the Final Three, but not Before Becoming the Final Five

Excuse me everyone, I need to speak to Fabio alone please.  Thank you.


If food be the music of love, play on,
Give me excess of it; that surfeiting,
The appetite may sicken, and so die.

Twelfth Night Act 1, scene 1, 1-3.  More or less



Spoiler alert there, sorry.

OK, so Jamie, Jeff and Leah had a chance to get back in the competition.  I admit I was rooting for Jamie, as she had been strong throughout the show, although putting Leah back in the competition would have been fun just to see Hosea squirm some more.  But Jeff won and got to be in the Final Five, but had to win to continue, which I thought was a fair handicap for having been voted out.  And Emeril was there, but I guess you can’t go to New Orleans without him showing up so that’s ok.  I wish they had tied in Jeff’s second chance with the rebirth of New Orleans a little more, as it was it just looked like another reality show twist, when it could have been something a little more meaningful.

Hosea had done his homework on Creole cooking,  a rare smart strategic move in a competition where the chefs seemed reluctant to pick up those kind of clues.  So how much are we buying Stefan’s arrogance?  I have had many conversations with Squidlegs on this subject and I still can’t really tell.  It is obvious that Bravo is trying to make him into this season’s villain, and I love rooting against euro-trash as much as the next guy.  But every once in a while he sneaks in a chuckle as if to say it’s all in good fun, just busting balls with fellow chefs. 

So Carla made an amazing-looking oyster stew, Hosea’s gumbo kicked Stefan’s gumbo’s ass, Stefan took some smoke breaks, Jeff did good food but not good enough, Fabio made bread but didn’t really know what Creole was, Carla’s drink was better without booze than anyone else’s with booze (how did that happen?), oh and lest I forget, Padma wore a collar.  Full stop. 


No.  Words.


I was really hoping Stefan would go instead of Fabio, but he didn’t.  So now down to the Final Three, is my prediction going to change?  No.  I’m still going with Carla.  Hosea could surprise us I guess, but I think he has skills, whereas Stefan has skillz, and the z makes all the difference.  But Carla is peaking in the playoffs, and if it comes down to great food with soul, I think she’s got it made.


~Citizen Chef

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