MoM March ’09 – Best of America’s Test Kitchen: Jucy Lucy Burgers

Ok, first off I’m aware that “Jucy” is not how you spell “juicy”.  I would have preferred “Juicy Luicy” if they had to be clever, but it’s not my magazine.  But misspellings aside, this was a great recipe, and one that I will make again soon. 

The deal here is that it’s a burger with cheese.  But wait, it’s gets better.  It’s a burger with the cheese on the inside!!!  Plus they want it well done and still juicy!!  What kind of laboratory wizardry will the America’s Test Kitchen scientists bring to bear on this conundrum?  Particle physics?  Will there be cyclotron useage??  What?   Oh.. they used bread and milk mashed together with garlic powder to add to the meat so it would stay juicy at a temperature high enough to melt the cheese?  Ok, that’s one way to go I guess.


It puts the cheese in one patty and encases it in the meat and then it puts the other half of the patty around it to make a double seal or it gets the hose again, uhm I mean the cheese will burst out.

These then cook for a long time burger-speaking, 6 to 8 mins on a side.  And it turned out well done and still juicy with the cheese all gooey.  I originally questioned what the point of putting cheese inside the meat was, but it did give it that oozing all over the place kinda feel.  Here’s the money shot:



And there you have it.  A post.  From me.  About food.  … I thank you.


~Citizen Chef

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