Magazine of the Month August ’09: ATK American Classics

Just when you thought I would shut up about America’s Test Kitchen.

I could give you all kinds of reasons as to why the last MoM fell flat on its face. I couldn’t find the ingredients, I made some of the dishes and it was just “meh” and not “wow”, the best looking stuff was fish and the web admin won’t eat it, etc. That’s part of the problem with cooking from something you don’t know anything about. This month, I decided to give myself a break and cook from something I did know about. For August 2009, we will be exploring one of the special America’s Test Kitchen magazine editions, American Classics.

ATK American Classics 2009

It’s got freaking cupcakes on the front! I had to buy it!

Last night I already started with their Improved Peach Crumble, and it was delicious. I even brought some as part of my lunch today. I’m very excited, and I know ATK will get our MoM segments back on track.

America’s Test Kitchen will have “American Classics” on the shelves until October 19, so you’ll have plenty of time to run out and grab a copy.

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