New Year, New Food Challenge

Did you miss us?

After a long hiatus, we’re back and badder than ever. Our knives are sharpened and kitchens ready to go. Really. I reorganized it this weekend.

Long time AwK readers will know of our undying love for America’s Test Kitchen and its Cook’s Illustrated brand. So, it should come as no surprise to you that we’re bringing the site back with an ATK cookbook challenge:

ATK’s Light & Healthy 2010: We’re cooking our way through, one recipe per week.

I’ve cooked a few recipes out of this book and so far I’ve been happy with every single one — enough to make them staples in my kitchen. The only thing that should be pointed out is that this book is not a diet book. It’s a collection of ATK’s recipes lightened. For example, I’ve eaten a lot of different takes on pasta carbonara. The dish is simple, but thick: spaghetti smothered in cream and bacon and cheese and eggs. And don’t get me wrong, it’s a plate of awesomeness. Unfortunately, most of us can only eat so much of it because it’s just so rich. Light & Healthy 2010 stuck pasta carbonara right on the cover, having successfully turned it into a light and delicious dish. I made it this weekend and didn’t miss the original recipe at all. It was indulgent without making me feel as if I had clogged my arteries.

I’m very excited about this new challenge, as it will break me away from my current list of recipes and introduce me to something new. If anyone would like to join me in this endeavor, let me know. Each week I’ll include a link or photo to your blog. I don’t plan on going through the recipes in order; we’ll be skipping around and I’ll let you know in advance what we’ll be doing the following week.

Now here’s the caveat. (There’s always one, isn’t there?) America’s Test Kitchen does not rely on advertising for their revenue. They rely on paid subscriptions and book sales to keep their 30-year business afloat, and very few of their recipes are free. Posting every single recipe on this site would not be fair to them and, since I am a big fan, I want to support their business model. That said, I will not be posting all of the recipes. I will be posting a few here and there, but not all of them. Hopefully the pictures will sway you to buy a book so you can cook the recipes along with us!

Tomorrow: Light & Healthy Spaghetti Carbonara!

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