Welcome to Amateurs with Knives! With this FAQ, you will know what to expect from the writers of AwK.

Q — Who are you people?
A — We’re culinary ninjas. By this we mean that we are neither culinary nor ninja, we’re just people who enjoy good food and cooking. Half of the staff has an unhealthy desire for Rachel Ray covered in maple syrup. The other half just wishes they were ninjas.

Q — What is your mission?
A — To convert people who enjoy food that comes in a jar and those sad, sad individuals who will wait two hours for a table at Olive Garden.

Q — But I like mac and cheese from a box.
A — That isn’t a question.

Q — What should I expect to read on this site?
A — Everything that’s food related. We are here to share recipes, photos, tips and techniques as well as review books, magazines, television shows and chefs – anything at all as long as it is somehow connected to food. There will also be be some instructional segments in varying degrees of difficulty.

Q — How is this different from any other food blog?
A — We are wittier, and don’t forget about us being ninjas, either.

Q — But you said you guys didn’t have any ninja skills?
A — A ninja’s main weapon is misdirection.

Q — So what makes you guys more qualified than any of the other bloggers out there, or myself for that matter?
A — Um…

Q — HAH! Got ya there didn’t I?
A –That’s not a question eith– oh wait, it is. Damn, you’re crafty. Well you’re already here, so why don’t you read something?

Q — Fair enough.
A — That wasn’t a question. Welcome to Amateurs with Knives!

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