Pseudo News: Iron Chef Japan Sea Monster Week

Orli Ninjamaster is still trying to butter us up so that we’ll post all news of Iron Chef Japan. And I hate to say it, but it’s working.

If you recall from our first contact with Orli, we first suspected that he was a lowly paid intern, forced to surf the vast tubes of the internet in order to market Iron Chef Japan episodes. Later, he assured me this isn’t the case at all. He’s emailed a couple of times since then (as well as one of his coworkers – look out, he’s sending a vast marketing ninja army!), but I wasn’t able to post their stuff in time (sorry, guys). There’s something about the 360i Ninjamaster that I just like, so as long as he’s continuing to butter me up, I’m going to continue to post his pseudo-news alerts.

This coming week on the Fine Living Network, it’s Sea Monster Week on Iron Chef Japan!

Here’s why you should be excited about this: Aside from the Japanese Iron Chefs being certified culinary badasses, what makes the show even more interesting to the western world is their use of ingredients we would find tremendously bizarre. Forget yogurt, chocolate, and rabbit. Let’s hear it for OCTOPUS!

Orli gives us the lowdown:

Sea Monster Week starts off with Battle Octopus on Monday 8/18, then brings you Battle King Crab, Battle Giant Eel, and Battle Squid, before the formidable Battle Ashura Oyster on Friday 8/22 — every night on Fine Living at 8pm.

Now that I’ve been watching Iron Chef America for so long, going back and watching Iron Chef Japan is so bizarre. I had forgotten how different ICA is from the predecessor. First of all, I had forgotten that the commentator sits up with the judges, who talk all during the battle. That never bothered me until ICA tailored the commenting down to just Alton Brown and Kevin Brauch. ICA judges are known chefs, restaurateurs and foodies, with the occasional pseudo-celebrity thrown in for fun. What I had forgotten is that Iron Chef Japan had this panel of people who didn’t seem to have anything to do with food – they were all models, actors, palm readers, etc. There’s one particular actress on Iron Chef Japan that they keep inviting back, and I don’t know why they let her open her mouth. Some of the tasty tidbits she will say during a battle will be along the lines of, “Oh, what are they doing… I think they’re going to cook it!” Also, she pretty much repeats whatever the previous person said. Verbatim.

What I do love about the original show is that the battles were so intense, the ingredients were so off the wall, and it was just so very Japanese. I mean, check out that photo above. They could be a cabaret… or possibly the Village People. Also, it’s Masaharu Morimoto as a budding chef.

Oh and, speaking of Morimoto, he appeared recently on Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” trip to Japan. I’d recommend that one for your DVR as well. So there you go, the latest on Iron Chef Japan.

Thanks for the news, Orli. If you really want to keep buttering us up, send some readers our way who will see your shameless plugs.

Allez! Cuisine!